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World War 3: The Information War

This Artwork is Free to Download for the purpose of producing WW3:Information War Protest Buttons, Pins and Stickers.

The sooner we find the courage to stand together and show our solidarity to oppose the crime that is being perpetrated against us, the sooner we will gather enough momentum to depose the criminal abuse of power that is being imposed on us. We must support honest politicians (where ever we can find them), truth telling media and authorities who have not been tainted by the scandals and corruption that has infected our current leadership.

If you are in favour of this cause, freely download this artwork by ‘Right Click/Save Image As.’ Use it to make buttons, pins or stickers as a simple way of showing that you want and expect our leadership, whether municipal, provincial or federal, to clean up their act and work in the best interest of our great Dominion of Canada. Corruption must be stopped.

Seriously consider that: ‘Evil prevails when good people do nothing!’

Join the Red Pill Troopers and spread the truth to the People.

This series of Red Pill Truth Bombs are free to download.
These are posters and cards best printed in colour. Print them and post them on walls, in bus shelters or any public space. The q-Codes are scan-able with any q-Code reader app and will link directly to the website that originated the Red Pill Truth. This is a passive info campaign relying on the human nature of curiosity.

This artwork can be used to produce campaign buttons.

001 - Cognitive Dissonance is more contagious
002 - I Survived COVID 19 with 100% Natural, T-Cell Protected
003 - 100% Natural, Non-GMO COVID-19 T-Cell Protected
004 - WW3 First Casualty was TRUTH
005 - I Survived COVID-19
006 - I Failed COVID-19 Social Programming Coarse

This artwork can be imported into your email signature footer.