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Truth Be Known

Last updated on July 29, 2021

History is Cyclic: If we fail to learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it. Current events are just that— currents flowing into the past.

We only have one chance to change history for the better. Give it your best effort right now.

The following videos are now historical echoes recording current Canadians who are stepping forward to offer our nation an honest alternative to the politicians and leadership who have compromised their moral integrity and our democratic Canadian society. A new leadership of strong values and practices is critically needed if Canada desires to return to a truly free and prosperous nation.

Peoples Choice

Alternative Choices for National Governance – Canada

Truth Be Known – Derek Sloan | 20210725 |
Announcement: Formation of a new political party
Truth Be Known – Derek Sloan | 20210725 |
Q&A: Covid-19 and Government Committees

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Alternative Choices for Provincial Governance – Alberta

None to Recommend at this time.

Alternative Choices for Municipal Governance – Calgary – Mayor

Dean Hopkins

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