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Illustrator and Graphic Designer

For me, communicating clearly has always been important and something I earnestly strive for. Throughout my career, spanning 40+ years, I have practised my natural gifts with varying degrees of success. In the early years I consciously chose to take a generalist’s approach, which allowed me to experiment with a broad variety of media and techniques. I was fortunate to get my basic education during the last days of ‘Analog’ (pre-computer), when page layout artwork was created on illustration boards on which layers of photo typeset galleys, back-coated with hot wax, were mechanically (by hand) pasted into place. These pre-production paste-ups would be sent off to the camera department; turned into negative film; the Ortho negs were burned onto printing plates; then to be printed on offset sheet or web fed presses. (Many of these terms were carried into Desktop Publishing jargon that we use today.)

When computers took over the publishing industry most of the jobs, within the specialized trades that supported the ‘Analog’ process, have since disappeared. I was fortunate at the time to have be given sage advice from a seasoned mentor. Be a generalist… keep learning new skills… be a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ and you’ll always earn a living.

So I did. And, I practised –
• Technical Illustration
• 3D Illustration
• Cartooning
• Caricature
• Logo design
• Print Production

• Creative writing.

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