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EDEN Program: Chapter 1

Last updated on September 20, 2020

Chapter One begins by telling the story of the discovery of an ancient scroll. An artifact that would alter the world and future of the human race. Driven by relentless dreams and premonitions, Professor Shmuel Levi mounts an archaeological expedition in the Qumran region of Israel. He leads his team of amateur and wannabe archaeologists in discovering a significant cache of forgotten scrolls and artifacts. But torment needles Professor Sh’levi into feeling that he missed something.

Securing the support of his boss and long-time friend Dr. Ephriam Goldwyn, Sh’levi acquires a piece of top-secret equipment that assists his team in the recovery of a hidden treasure. Dr. Goldwyn is Deputy Director of IAA, but secretly is also a national security advisor for Mossad. Intrigue ensues after the delivery of a message sent to him from two-thousand years in the past. He is soon drawn into a drama.

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About the Dead Sea Scrolls

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