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EDEN Program: Foreword

Last updated on September 20, 2020

A fiction novel by Brian L. Smith

Contemporary scientific advances, in many cases, are inspired by someone trying to tell a credible science fiction story to describe a technology, or a philosophy that steps outside the boundaries of reality.
Well, this isn’t quite one of those.

A tour of Israel, that my wife and I took in 2004, inspired this book. For someone who never actually travelled much beyond Western Canada, it was incredibly life-changing. My interests in technology, art, archaeology, science, history and people were fed and invigorated.

Book Cover Blurb

Six thousand years after the eviction from paradise, a troubled archaeologist makes a profound discovery. Linked to the Dead Sea Scrolls, it reveals the ultimate plan for the future of the human race. Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) unlocked from an ancient manuscript prepares mankind for its final destiny.

The Shomrey’a’megilla [Scroll Keepers] were entrusted to be the guardians of the prophetic document. Brought together by divine intervention, they are to find and gather crucial people needed to defeat the corrupt corporation. The evil Corporation—secretly controls the world through its insidious web of deceit and global manipulation. This millennial-old elite nears its final goal. EDEN Program’s eugenically and socially modified society ready themselves to replace and enslave the lower population.

Control of humanity is firmly in the powerful grip of the Moderator. A struggle ensues when the covert Shomrey’a’megilla finds and fights to protect his eugenically perfected progeny.

Dr. Eve Scott-Baillie is a brilliant genetic researcher and socially-engineered progeny of the EDEN Program. Dr. Eve discovers a genetic procedure to restore DNA to its perfect state and halt the process of aging. The key to immortality.

Protected through the oversight of a Master Krav Maga Guardian, an inner-circle Scroll Keeper, she struggles to complete her research and escape the controlling grip of the EDEN Program. She must fight for her life to prevent the ruthless Moderator from stealing immortality for himself.

His evil secret society persists to retain its dominant control over human civilization and draws near to the final solution. The battle intensifies as good struggles to prevail.

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EDEN Program: Foreword

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If you would like to read more chapters of the EDEN Program: or would like to know about the sequel conclusion EDEN Factor:, please feel free to post your comments.

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