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EDEN Program:

EDEN Program: is the first of a two part novel weaving a fictional story of science fiction (science possibility), history, archaeology, intrigue and romance. Twisting threads of high tech, genetic research, Krav Maga and Abir Aluf marshal arts, within a conflict with the new world order/secret society/deep state, the protagonists and antagonists struggle either for survival, or for world dominance.

You can read the PDF chapters for free online on your computer, iPhone or Android device without needing to download. You can contribute to this story by blogging your comments. Objective contributions or critiques are welcomed.

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  1. D. Hills D. Hills

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with me.
    I understand you’d like some honest feedback.
    In point form, here are a few of my thoughts:
    – The storyline is great! The reader is taken on a lively, captivating ride from a human interest perspective with intrigue, drama, history, mystery, romance, futurism and even Biblical Truth, skillfully woven throughout the pages.
    – Great character development makes the people relatable.
    – Every page is very information dense. Not many superfluous words.
    – If most fiction novels are written at the 8th to 9th grade level, I would evaluate the vocabulary sentence structure and writing style of EDEN Program to be written at a 10th to 11th grade level. Readers desiring mental stimulation when they read fiction, would certainly enjoy this feature of the book. However readers who prefer reading fiction purely for relaxation, could find themselves challenged and mentally stretched by it.
    – Finally, the story is exciting and satisfying. As I was reading, I kept thinking: This would make a fantastic TV miniseries!
    God bless you, brother.
    D. Hills

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