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Drawing is Communicating

…and if you practice it long enough, you can get pretty good at it.

Illustrations have come a long way since some early caveman first picked up a piece of charcoal from his hibachi and made a mark on a cave wall to show his buddies what he was planning to cook up for lunch.

Illustrations existed long before the written word and they continue to effectively transcend the spoken word. The simpler the concept, the greater the chance that someone will ‘get the picture’. Not only do illustrations present pictorial concepts – successful illustrations fix people’s attention. Browse these images and see if they tweak your imagination and draw you to the power of illustration and graphic design.

Do you realize how many 3D illustrations successfully compete with — and have an advantage over photography? An idea (or concept) is invisible to the eye and to the camera lens. With time, skill and the right choice of software, virtual objects can be created to convincingly depict material objects that otherwise couldn’t be seen.