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3. Emerging COVID-19 Information. The People Unite.

Last updated on September 1, 2021

In defense of our God Given human rights People around the world have United and are awakening to recognize the pervasive oppression of the Globalist’s fascist tyrannical politics and deceptive Media ‘WOKE’ Propaganda. This page will seriously attempt to provide links to the censored, blocked, banned or deleted narrative with the facts in order to present balanced and ‘more complete’ information.

Regular National Mainstream news casts, within the first few leading news reports, typically lead a newscast by featuring a story related to COVID-19. Hitting us in our homes, we’re assaulted by either the latest count of ‘New Cases’, ‘New Deaths’, ‘Fear of overwhelming the hospitals’, or pushing the vaccination. This continuous focus on reporting ‘Coronavirus disease’ is driving their propaganda narrative to force their viewers into perpetual fear, anxiety and panic until we surrender to their will and submit to their agenda.

The media driven misinformation and counter intuitive reports induced a public fear and panic that has cost countless lives. The constant onslaught has driven vast numbers of ill-informed viewers to make decisions that will have dire consequences to their long-term health. The narrowly focused narrative has effectively flooded Mainstream Media’s airways with biased and misrepresented and blatantly false information. The confusion has effectively convinced us to trust politician, leaders and media to act in our best interests.

Red Pill



But, with the amount of conflicting information that has been prevented from being made available by the supposedly trustworthy authorities, a New Narrative has emerged that is exposing the corruption and deceit of the elite we were brainwashed into trusting.

What’s Really Going On?

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Why Are Authorities Censoring, Banning and Blocking Anyone Opposing Their Official Narrative?

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What Proof Is There That We Were Mislead?

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What Are Lawyers Able To Do?

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How Are Nurses Standing Up?

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Are Doctors Taking Action?

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Are Police Taking Action, Are They Handcuffed Or Even Care About What’s Happening?

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What Is the Military Saying?

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