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2a. Emerging COVID-19 information: Masked Facts

Last updated on August 10, 2021

Virtue Signaling Or Brainwashing — The Battle Between Science And Popular Opinion.

The ongoing and contentious issue of enforcing mandatory masks has been extremely divisive from the beginning of this proclaimed and challenged pandemic. Even after the leading and historic scientific evidence has been irrefutably presented, Popular Opinion has muzzled critical thinking and common sense. Burned into Authority Trusting minds of submissive fellow citizens, the foundation built on shifting sand and contradictory regulations continues to dominate the fear saturated psyche of science deniers. These victims of our Corrupted Leadership adhere submissively and march in lockstep to their masters who, over this crisis, claimed to profess to a Popular Science that doesn’t exist.

Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children |A Randomized Clinical Trial
Harald Walach, PhD1; Ronald Weikl, MD2; Juliane Prentice, BA3; et al
June 30, 2021

The HighWire with Del Bigtree Published January 18, 2021

Red Pill

The HighWire with Del Bigtree Published | December 22nd, 2020.

Masks: The Science with Dr. Lee Merritt
Published November 11, 2020

BMJ [British Medical Journal] Volume 5, Issue 4 May 3, 2015
A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers

Why Do Experts Oppose Masks?

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The HighWire with Del Bigtree
Published Monday, April 5, 2021

Masking lack of evidence with politics
July 23, 2020 | Tom Jefferson, Carl Heneghan

Red Pill

Are Masks Actually Dangerous?

Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Implications for Future Pandemic Planning

HIH [National Institutes of Health] Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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The Science

Do Masks Cause Bacterial Pneumonia?
The Last American Vagabond
Published January 2021

University of Florida Lab Finds Dangerous Pathogens on Children’s Face Masks
BY MEILING LEE June 19, 2021 Updated: June 19, 2021

Original article
Surgical masks as source of bacterial contamination during operative procedures
Journal of Orthopaedic Translation | Volume 14, July 2018, Pages 57-62

Does Wearing a Face Mask Reduce Oxygen—and Can It Increase CO2 Levels?
Here’s What Experts Say

Why carbon dioxide toxicity is making headlines right now.
By Claire Gillespie May 13, 2020

Face masks that contain graphene may pose health risks
Last updated: 2021-04-02

Is graphene safe? [This issue was questioned almost 10 years ago! And Tam and Fauci want you to wear 2 or 3 masks?]
Volume 15, Issue 6June 2012, Page 230

Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec
CBC News · Posted: Mar 26, 2021 7:13 PM ET | Last Updated: March 29

Mask Mandates Seem to Make CCP Virus Infection Rates Climb, Study Says
BY MATTHEW VADUM December 22, 2020 Updated: December 23, 2020

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What Are The Masked Facts?

Top 10 reasons why You Don’t Need A Mask

WW3-InfoWar I failed the COVID-19 Programming Course

Mask Facts
curated by Marilyn M. Singleton, M.D., J.D. –
Updated September 26, 2020
COVID-19 is as politically-charged as it is infectious. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO, the CDC and NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci discouraged wearing masks as not useful for non-health care workers. Now they recommend wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are hard to do (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies). The recommendation was published without a single scientific paper or other information provided to support that cloth masks actually provide any respiratory protection. Let’s look at the data.

Published on: 24 July 2020 Application To Covid-19
Corbin S Barr, Independent Health Researcher

Cloth masks, while comforting to some, should not be implied to provide anything but marginal (at best) protection to this “epidemic”. When referring to virus particles that can spread via droplets it is fairly apparent that cloth masks do little to nothing for protection (except piece of mine)…and sorry, but 3ish% is not even a nominal value, its a toss value when referring to health.

Disposable face masks, PPE contributing to worsening global plastic pollution problem, warn environmentalists
By divinaramirez // 2021-03-24

Is a Face Shield Better Protection Against the Coronavirus Than a Face Mask?
By Claire Gillespie Updated May 29, 2020

Face Shields vs. Face Masks

Know your rights on mandatory facemasks: “In short, the local municipal governments are on shaky legal ground in imposing mask by-laws. Businesses in mandatory-mask municipalities are only enforcing what they are told to do, and businesses that voluntarily impose mask requirements have a right to do so as private, non-government entities, with several “human rights” caveats.”

If you have been denied service or harassed at a business in Alberta because you cannot wear a mask, you can report that business here.

End Alberta Lockdown is a grass roots organization committed to creating a movement not only to protect our rights now but to guarantee the future rights of our families and the generations to come. Sign the PETITION TO END THE LOCKDOWN.

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Which Politicians are Opposing Masks?

Rand Paul points out inconvenient facts about the face mask narrative

As the Senator said, it’s all about submission.

Results: The rates of all infection outcomes were highest in the cloth mask arm, with the rate of ILI statistically significantly higher in the cloth mask arm (relative risk (RR)=13.00, 95% CI 1.69 to 100.07) compared with the medical mask arm. Cloth masks also had significantly higher rates of ILI compared with the control arm. An analysis by mask use showed ILI (RR=6.64, 95% CI 1.45 to 28.65) and laboratory-confirmed virus (RR=1.72, 95% CI 1.01 to 2.94) were significantly higher in the cloth masks group compared with the medical masks group. Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.

Conclusions: This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Further research is needed to inform the widespread use of cloth masks globally. However, as a precautionary measure, cloth masks should not be recommended for HCWs, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.

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