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1a. Emerging COVID-19 Information. Injection Remorse

Last updated on September 12, 2021

Doctor Explains “Vaccine Regret”
OAN Newsroom UPDATED 2:30 PM PT – Wednesday, May 5, 2021

If you are searching this page for answers, hopefully you’ll find some comfort from the Doctors, Scientists, Virologists and Researchers who have sacrificed their reputations, careers, livelihoods and in some cases their very lives attempting to prevent you from having reached this point in your life. They continue to search for answers, not only to prevent further ‘Vaccine Tragedies’, but they desperately continue to search for treatments that could save your life.

The Reality is…

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The very heroes who were taunted as being ‘Conspiracy Theorist’s have been vindicated. And yet they continue to search for ways to save your lives!

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VAERS Weekly Vaccine Injury Update

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Are There Relevant Statistics Showing Adverse Consequences?

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What Are The Consequences of Relying on Misinterpreted Statistical Analysis?

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Are There Any Recorded Vaccine Deaths From Vaccines?

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One Comment

  1. Viva Viva

    Copied this from a friend! It’s pretty long but it’s all is true.

    This is a healthcare worker’s post [commenting] that they believe that if a person refuses the vaccine then they should also refuse [to accept] medical help for CoVid. 🙄 Okay, Karen… Let’s ask patients [these questions] this then before any treatment is provided for ailments…

    Lung cancer patient… have you ever smoked cigarettes? Oh, yeah? You smoked for 10 years but recently quit? I am so sorry, but no chemo options are available to you since you chose to partake in something known to cause cancer.

    Melanoma patient… did you always wear sunscreen when you went outside? Oh, you wore tanning spray instead? Sorry, no treament bc you chose to do something that has been known to cause skin cancer.

    Obese Diabetic… I’m sorry you have chosen to eat unhealthy, but we can no longer give you insulin because your personal choices have led you to become overweight and sick. You should’ve eaten more salad.

    Car accident victim… did you wear your seat belt? Oh, no??? Sorry… bleed out. You know better than to take that risk… it’s the law!

    Opiate overdose… so you have an addiction that WILL kill you, but you say you don’t need help. Sorry, I won’t give you this life saving Narcan as you go into respiratory failure. You’re probably just going to use again.

    College kid with an STD… did you use protection? Oh, you didn’t feel like it??? Well, sorry I can’t help you… you didn’t take the preventive measures suggested by the CDC to avoid this sickness. 😬😬😬

    No healthcare provider should EVER say these things! Because it isn’t your place or my place to tell someone how to live, or to deny them care when they get sick. God gives us personal choice… it isn’t [the job of] anyone on earth to take that away. Every day we choose to do things that may take us out. If you decide unvaxxed people don’t deserve treatment… then it should go for any illness around the board. Right?

    They are all preventative… diabetes, obesity, opiate addiction, cancer, heart disease… They’re all at epidemic proportions… hundreds of thousands of people are sick bc of lifestyle choices… to deny anyone medical care sounds insane right? Apparently some people are just that petty. Grow. Up.

    If you want a vaccine, great. If you don’t, cool. Wear a mask after putting that cigarette out bc you care about respiratory health, awesome. Eat that cake before your next dose of insulin… right on. Fried chicken with 90% blockage, eat it up. If you think I sound ridiculous right now that’s because this debate is absolutely ridiculous. I think it is great we have a vaccine as an option if you want it. If someone doesn’t bc they don’t feel it is right for them that’s understandable, too! It’s not a sure thing. It’s not well known. This is ALL new territory. Grace is required here. We are all dying from the moment we take our first breath. Does medicine have a place to help people get well, yes!!! Thank God for it! Will it save you from death… no… It is a debt we all owe.

    So leave people to make their own choices about how they want to live. If you choose to be in the medical field you have chosen to help sick people NO MATTER HOW they get sick. And, hats off to so many men and women who do it! But… If you don’t want to help everyone, then you may need a new field to practice in. I certainly don’t want to see someone when I’m sick who thinks certain groups with certain beliefs and their own opinions (opposite of mine or not) don’t deserve healthcare. Shame. On. You. ✌🏼

    Reposted ♥️

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