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Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous are They?

Israel, The World’s poster child for Vaccine Rollouts where 80% of the entire Population has been Jabbed and Genetically modified to flatten the curve. Now has the world’s highest rates for infection of the double and triple vaxed. The Unvaxed are far better protected and as such they have become asymptomatic while their natural immunity is the superior protection prevents them from transmitting. Sars Cov-2 Covid-19.
CDC Statistics Coverup. WHO confirmation. FDA report on Vaccine Shedding.

May 4, 2021, by: CFT Team

Renowned Lawyers, scientists and medical experts are Exposing the Vaccine Genocide.
August 29th, 2021.

Posted by Natalie Jarmusik on Tue, Apr 9, 2019

If Justin Trudeau is demanding mandatory vaccination for Federal Workers, then the PM needs to be inoculated for REAL this time with the actual EUA experimental treatment . If we follow his example by following the Letter of the LAW by his example and take the Vax THE EXACT SAME WAY HE DID, no one needs to be Vaxed.

Here is His FAKE NEWs stab at it.
If I was stupid enough to volunteer as a target for his shooting gallery, I’d want the actress/shooter he hired and take it the way he did.

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Mass Psychosis — How to Create an Epidemic of Mental
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Tucker Carlson Fox News

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The Red Pill portion of this site offers access to information critical to informed decision-making. Specifically, this access is needed to survive the life and death struggle against COVID-19.

The following links will take you to sources of genuine, independent research and substantiated, peer reviewed scientific information as offered by leading Medical Researchers, leading Universities and Scientific sources; from doctors, researchers and health care officials from around the world.

August 30, 2021

ARE WE STARTING TO SEE Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)?
August 30, 2021 at 2:17 p.m.

Fear and uncertainty has been a driving force since this event began. False analysis, twisted and misleading information and inaccurate reporting have caused great harm. Qualified Voices trying to reveal the real medical and scientific facts are being blocked and cancelled at every turn. Their only platform has been through the courageous efforts from the Independent Media outlets who fight relentlessly to protect our freedom of speech.

Sadly, the Cancel-Culture Controllers have expended an unusual amount of resources to prevent open scientific discussion that challenges their one-sided narrative. Main Stream Media has been weaponized and transformed into propaganda machines for special interest elites. Big-Tech Social Media Giants have become the Jailers of Free Speech and Conservative Values.

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3. Qualified Voices step up and reveal the deception.

To understand the Counter-Narrative, the Red Pill pages of this site will earnestly attempt to provide the most comprehensive information to help you access links to balanced, accurate facts refute the Counter-Narrative. For reasons beyond rational explanation, important information is being withheld, censored, discounted or falsified.

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4. Qualified Voices
the People

The Facts are out there… and they are growing. Here, you will find very important information that will hopefully assist you in making informed decisions for your personal health and safety.

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5. Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Coverup,
The Emerging

Fifth Estate

Labeling everything that is
counter-narrative as a
Conspiracy Theory is the safest way
to hide a conspiracy in plain-site.

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Popularized by the movie “The Matrix”; Red Pill / Blue Pill became synonymous to mean the ‘choice to remain in a dream state’ or, to ‘choose to wake-up to reality.’

The Blue Pill portion of this website offers an escapist outlet that will distract you and sooth your distresses. ‘Ignorance is bliss.’

Like many, many others I personally prefer having fun over taking things too seriously.

This section represents my personal ‘head-in-the-clouds’ career and examples of my efforts to avoid ‘the cold cruel world.’** By sharing the journey of my imagination and daydream avoidance of taking anything seriously, you don’t need to think… just enjoy the interesting looking images.

Investigate the imagination of the

**(stated with tongue in cheek)